Andy Murray is free to chase his dreams

Winning Wimbledon was good for Andy Murray for lots of reasons.  He’s broken the 77-year-old curse of a nation, he’s won a million quid and he will be Sir Andy by the end of the year.  But anyone close to Andy will tell you the real reason he was so keen to win Tennis’s biggest prize: it’s freed him to concentrate on what he considers his greatest assets – his infectious personality and irresistible charisma.

For a long time Murray has felt he’s had to put his natural calling to one side in order to concentrate on ‘this bloody game’, as he refers to it.

Frustrated by 'bloody game'

Frustrated by ‘bloody game’

‘I feel bad for all the people who’ve had to sit through all that tennis just for the chance to hear me speak for two minutes at the end. If you think that’s bad, spare a thought for all the extra hours I’ve had to spend pelting yellow balls behind closed doors’.

‘I did the Wimbledon thing, a bit like someone else might do the help-an-old-lady-cross-the-road thing.  I didn’t need to, but thought it was a nice gesture to the bunch of maniacs who’ve spent the last twenty-odd years pampering me like I was some sporting hero in the making.’

Andy Murray charisma2

Personality of the Year

‘Now I hope I can be left to entertain without having to run around a 30-square-foot plot of land like a rabid dog on speed in the baking sun for five hours, trying to hit a 130mph piece of fluffed-up rubber back to some other guy who’s in the same God-awful predicament.  Sometimes I couldn’t help but show my anger and frustration.  From now on I’ll just come on and get the crack.’

Details of Andy’s upcoming talk show Game-Set-Chat are on his website and there’ll be chance to see his personality in action when he picks up the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

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PR Gagged and Arrested


News on 24hour standby

I have been arrested, along with my good friend Max Clifford.

Can’t say what it’s in conjuction with, because I have also been gagged.

This effectively means there will be no PR on this, or indeed anything else until we are free.

In the meantime, don’t believe anything you read.

This is the big story I have been looking for – I stand to make millions out of this one when I finally get out of here.

Yours aye,
Macks Klyffed

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Advent Calendar – December the First



The perfect dartboard this Christmas – only £3 at Sainburys

(bullseye guaranteed everytime, or money back)



Advent, as experienced by the Edinburgh man-on-the street, 2012.

What will be tomorrow?

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True champions are of another Universe

Ask any England football fan; 1966 seems like a pretty long time ago.  But 46 years is only a couple of generations,  about an average working life – it’s not so long ago, is it?

From of different generation

Well, I guess Bobby Charlton and his World Cup winning compatriots of ’66 are undeniably of another century, one might even say another millennium, but if you heard Charlton talking to the BBC this week, you could be forgiven for thinking he was from a different Galaxy when he predicted England to lift the Uefa Cup 2012.

It wasn’t just the prediction, but his reasoning that was absurd.  Have a listen…

He does have a simple caveat; ‘if England can beat Italy’ – as though this is some insignificant obstacle on the way to inevitable legendary status.

From a different Universe

Thankfully Bobby was not talking about football, but instead the Under-14’s annual bridge contest being held in Rotherham (listen again, it makes perfect sense now).  England did beat Italy in true style as prophesised, in a contest full of dummies and sleight-of-hand.  England take on Uganda in what promises to be a white-wash.

Come on Lads!

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FACULTY – Lecture 3 – Modern Languages

FACULTY lecture 3 on MODERN LANGUAGES is now available to listen online.

The lecture focuses on the power, the prestige and the playfulness of words.  Languages are seen to have a common thread – communication.  That which we call Faculty, would make as perfect a sense in any tongue.

Fill in the gaps today, look forward to all your informed tomorrows.

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FACULTY – Lecture 2 – Chemistry

FACULTY lecture on CHEMISTRY is now available to listen online.

The lecture focuses on the elements and the role they play in every day life.  It also covers atomic structure, providing useful suggestions for recalling chemical nomenclature at the drop of a hat.

Fill in the gaps today, look forward to all your tomorrows.

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Charlie Is My Darling

The St Gile’s Sessions

Every Wednesday, double bassist Balazs Hermann and myself improvise a concert of music based around audience requests, at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

Send your request to this blog, along with your email and we’ll include it in a future concert and send you the recording.

Below is the request – ‘Charlie Is My Darling’…and ‘something Cole Porter’…

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